Looking to improve your chances of winning? We can help you be better prepared, better informed and better organized. That way, you can get your players ready to play at their peak level of performance.

Our performance tools are designed with you in mind - succeed, win, repeat.

Blue Star Sports give you the tools you need–and want–to drive momentum and maintain a winning status.

  • Upload game video and edit online from any device
  • Index and categorize key events by player, situation, etc.
  • Share key clips with your players prior to practice time
  • Make better use of everyone’s time by doing more one-on-one coaching
  • Personalize feedback to players or units of players for precision coaching
  • Record live video and edit and index the video while you travel and prepare for your next battle
  • Create presentations for your players
  • Keep track of players: what they watched, get feedback and interact with them individually

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