Blue Star Sports is the largest network for youth and adult sports on the web. We have millions of eyes. Let’s get them on you.

Blue Star Sports is the largest youth sports digital content network in the world. With over 45 million users in 32 countries, we have the attention of the entire youth sports ecosystem – athletes, coaches, parents and administrators.

Increased screen real estate and a more dynamic customer experience.

The Blue Star Sports audience is rooted in desktop as administrators, coaches, managers, and parents all contribute to the success of league sites from start to finish. Whether it is updating news or setting line-ups, we can deliver your brand message to maximize impact.

Reach across the Network or target a specific region as fresh daily content is provided from the users themselves. The content that matters most to them will be matched with the brand message most important to you. See our digital advertisement pricing information here.

More than 50% of our visitors see you from a mobile device.

Our audience stays connected to the sports they care about and contribute to generating the content your brand connects with. Blue Star Sports’ mobile advertising allows consumers to stay connected with their content anywhere at any time. Allow our users to take your brand with them as they check their schedules, stats, or score from any device.

Eyes are glued to smartphone screens all day. Make sure your ads are being seen. Mobile ads offer an intimate experience with consumers, making them more likely to interact with them. Blue Star Sports offers a wide range of mobile options to fit your brand’s needs and help you meet goals. Mobile also offers more advanced targeting options. See our mobile pricing information here.


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